Lots of catching up to do today, including sorting out new students, as well as finishing my own End of Module Assignment. I thought it was complete, but on the final read through and final check I have found one reference missing and one out of order. There are so many and I think I have corrected everything, but I have had to print it out again for a final check tonight before it goes tomorrow. I shall be pleased to see the back of it now as there comes a point when you keep reading and checking, changing a word here and there and in the end you take out the wrong bit!

A lovely sunny day today and Mr A has been mowing the grass, but first he went over the mower to check it and to sharpen the blades on the mower as it did not cut very well last time. Despite autumn fast approaching, the Virginia Creeper is already turning from green to red, these white roses were still blooming in the front rose bed.

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