Back In Britain

We landed at Heathrow mid-morning, having been travelling fo 18 hours or more. Not much sleep on the overnight flight from Miami, but I did get to enjoy Florence Foster Jenkins and a couple of bravura performances from Meryl Streep & Hugh Grant.

We had a couple of hours to kill at Hammersmith Bus Station waiting for our coach to Bridgwater and this sight caught my eye as a fitting end to Hobbs' month of colour challenge.

It's the decor for a sweet stall in the concourse of the station (Kingdom Of Sweets) and I couldn't believe they hadn't bothered to check that they'd got the names of those famous London landmarks, Nelson's Column and Charing Cross, correct. I suspect there must be a chain of these stalls across London, all bearing the same mistake. Doesn't create the best of impressions, unless jet lag meant I missed some subtle marketing technique!

Anyway, we're back home and ready to catch up on some sleep!

Latest Costa Rican back blip here:

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