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By waitingforgodot

Down From Tank Hill

I got out somewhat early (slightly before noon) and headed to the post office. Once I wrapped up business there, I walked in the general direction of Market Street, via upper 18th Street. Realizing I was pretty close to Kite Hill, I turned in that direction. Along the way, I came across a vintage 1960 Ford Ranchero and (just across the street) a 1960s Dodge Dart (Grrr... I forgot to check the taillight to see which year), which I photographed on film with my Rolleicord.

A few blocks and maybe a hundred feet in altitude later, I caught my breath on a bench at Kite Hill, and took some panoramic photos with the phone. I noticed a hill behind me and to my left that had some bare rocks showing, and where I could see people looking out from its precipice. I guess I'd never paid much attention to this particular hill before, so I looked it up on Google Maps. Tank Hill.

It didn't appear to be very far from where I was, so I made my way down to Eagle Street, across Market and up Clayton to where it intersected with Twin Peaks Boulevard. Ah, yes... I had seen the bluff before, but wasn't aware that there was access to it or that there was an actual park atop it. In fact, I have stopped several times at a clearing just below it to take photos. (I found that it's called Tank Hill because a water tank once sat there.)

While not as elevated as Twin Peaks (another mile or so up the Boulevard), the hill has a fine view of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge, so, I took another series of photos for a panorama. One of these days, I think I'll take the DSLR up there to get a higher quality version, particularly as it seems to be less windy than an average day at Twin Peaks.

All this talk of great vistas, and I leave you with a photo I took of a beautiful home on my way home. The sun was in a good position by this time, shining light on a number of my favourite buildings in the area.

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