All that glitters

I’m only 20km from where I was yesterday but I’ve moved country again. About midday I got on a bus from Singapore to Malaysia. Like everything in Singapore, it was very efficient! The bus left within minutes of me getting on and the traffic wasn’t bad so it didn’t take long to get to the border. There were only a couple of people in the queue ahead of me to get out of Singapore so that was quick. Then it was back onto a different bus (same company and ticket) for the short drive across the causeway to the Malaysian immigration building. There was no queue at all there and less than an hour after getting on the bus in central Singapore, I was walking out into Johor Bahru city in Malaysia.

I then got lost in a huge shopping mall trying to first find an ATM and then the exit!

I spent the afternoon walking around some of the city and getting a feel for Malaysia. Within a 10 minute walk from my hotel are a Mosque, a Hindu temple, a Sikh temple and a Chinese temple dating back to 1870. My blip is of possibly the most sparkly religious building I’ve ever seen. It’s a Hindu temple that has small pieces of coloured glass all over the walls and ceiling. The floor is marble so reflects the light still more. It was even more bright and glittery in real life than in the photo.

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