By MarkHirst

Tree at Sun set

I have only photographed this tree once before, which was only last week in daylight. I had walked past this tree many times and not photographed it until I was out with a fellow photographer.

So the night before this was taken a lovely sun set appeared in the night time sky and I thought that if it would be the same or similar the next night then I needed to be in place to take some landscape photographs to show the sun setting at its best. I arrived at my location some ninety minutes before sun set.

Unfortunately the setting sun was not the same but I still managed to get a good photograph.

Extra Photo
By the time I had taken a few photographs and making my way back to the car park the sun and all its splendid colours were fading fast.

Only had chance for a last few photographs to be taken before the sun and light faded completely.  

So I thought that I would experiment a little by zooming in and out the lens during the exposure and see what the end result would be.

For a few first attempts I think it works well with the reflection of the suns light on the water despite a dark band across the middle from the wall of the reservoir.

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