Molly meets Joe the Hoglet !

A bit cooler and less sunny this morning but it was good for working in the garden.
Joined by Molly who had a great time rolling in grass cuttings, exploring a muddy water outlet,digging up bulbs I'd just planted and playing in the stream.
Meanwhile I tried to get things done, I planted 2 dahlias and 6 begonias, cleared away a huge pile of used bird food from under a feeder 2 wheelbarrow loads, weeded in the meadow and finally went to the pond and cleaned out some of the planters.
I knocked off at 11.45 and put Molly in the sink for a wash and brush up.
Today's photos were taken last night at around 9pm of Molly meeting Joe a young Hoglet that passed by. She's very good with the hedgehogs and watches me put out their evening meals so now accepts them I'm pleased to say.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have a nice day too.

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