Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Symbiosis, Collaboration, Mutuality

My blipfriend, BernardPoet, has produced a book from his blipfoto pictures and his poems. I am not making any profit from this book. I have just helped him to produce it. All the profit, of which there will be very little, goes to him. It's an excellent book, a work of art in fact. It looks lovely. He can be very proud of it. If you are interested and want to take a look, it's in the public domain. I'm sure you will be able to find it.

For the benefit of anyone who is unaware, the contributor rules are here:

In relation to advertising the rules state:

"Don't use Blipfoto for promotional purposes, commercial or otherwise."

"To provide background information about you as an individual, you may post links and contact details in your biography"

"Don't post links to your other blogs or photo galleries in your journal"

"Posting links to individual images on other websites is OK, providing they relate to the entry being linked from"

So anyone who links to their own blog elsewhere or a gallery of photos on flickr, for example, is breaking the rules. Any link that promotes you, eg if you are an artist having an exhibition, I think would come under the 'commercial or otherwise' element.

I think that the rules are very open to interpretation and are implemented loosely sometimes and tightly other times. Such is life. This blip does not now contravene any rules as far as I can see, I have checked them very throughly. There are no links to any other site.

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