Wild and Wiggly

I was watching this Egret stalking something on the grass when he made a quick strike and caught this long snake. The snake whipped back and forth and even wrapped itself around his beak, then the Egret made a quick jerk and tore the snake in half; I think he was able to swallow the front half. Here is him holding what was left of the snake, it was still whipping around.

I had a wonderful day with my friend today here in Florida.......we always have so much to talk about. We were going her beach house today, but she wasn't feeling up to the drive, so we hung out here. I love her location on a lake (remember there are thousands of lakes here, so easy to be on a little lake) AND the weather was pleasant for a long walk this morning.  I enjoyed the breeze and stayed mostly in the shaded areas.

Thanks for coming along with me on my trip to Florida. I hope I find lots of great things to photograph. See you tomorrow.

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