Run Lino, Run!

It was a soccer filled Saturday. We watched Leo's last two games of the season - win and a loss for them. And he had to face a penalty in each match! One of our players always waves his arms about like a mad thing so sticking him in defence was probably not the best plan since he handballed a fair few shots! Leo managed to save one penalty and let the other one in - he was a very happy chappy with that.

And then after a quick dash home for a cleanup and a bit of lunch it was back out to watch the Grecians. They won 3-1 so another good match, even though it was bad for the nerves as it was 1-1 until the 5 minutes of extra time at the end. There was a penalty in that match too - a very soft one in our favour!

Then to top the evening off with a bit more footie related action, Ian and I built Leo's goal that we bought for the back garden. The frame took no time at all - getting the net on however was a very painful activity. It comes with a carry bag but I can never envisage us taking the thing apart after we finally wrangled the net in to submission!

It was a lovely sunny day so it was nice to spend most of it outside in the sunshine. It wasn't such a good step day as most of it was spent standing or sitting watching footie, but never mind, can plod away another day :)

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