An alien clambering over our apple blossom and now for the most part they are the most spotted now, having completely ousted our native species here in our garden as far as I can tell.

The females can lay over a thousand eggs so no wonder we are having problems here now with this invasion. Easily identified with the black W on it's head and a yellow rim round the edge of it's wing covers but it does have a variation on that which is a bit more tricky as they can be black too with a variable spotting with 100 different variations.

I am not one for going round killing things at all and the idea of squidging a ladybird is horrible to me which is what they are advocating as they carry harmful STD's. Vacuum cleaners apparently are useful inside the home according to the British Pest Control Association, to help rid you of this pest - 'the most invasive ladybird on this Earth'.

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