The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

A very very busy day!

Today has been a day of catching up and writing. I worked from home early on to practise a talk I will be delivering later this week. I then headed to the office to start on the massive to-do list. First, I helped work on a report for last weeks training event. I also did some organisation for an upcoming trip to Firbush outdoor centre. I answered emails, chased up a few requests and worked on the PowerPoint slides for this weeks talk.

You can find my slides here:

I spent the remainder of the afternoon in the library, hiding away as I felt wrecked and needed to get some writing done. I've managed to write 6400 of draft 1 of my paper and I have noted down which section drafts I still need to complete.

I'd say, considering I feel shattered from these antibiotics and I have not really given myself any time to rest, it's been a productive day overall.

I blip one of my flowers in full bloom this evening.

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