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The Ecology Walk

Thanks to everyone who has awarded stars and hearts for my image of High Cup Nick from 3 days ago, keeping it near the top of the popular pages. Here is a shot of another section of the famous whin sill. In the foreground you can see Crag Lough and the cliffs of the whin sill tower behind.

It is made of very hard rock, an igneous intrusion, that has survived when other, softer rocks have eroded away.  The lighter coloured vegetation around the edge of the lough is mire. It used to be under water, but now consists of layers of organic matter that have made peat.

Gill Thompson from the Northumberland National Park was our guide today. She was superb despite somewhat adverse weather conditions. At times we had brilliant light (as in the image), then sunshine, then vicious, freezing winds, then hail and snow. Everyone "survived" and agreed it was an excellent walk!

Tonight was the Photo Society awards night. Jack Lowe of the RNLI Project was the keynote speaker.

I won the Colour Print of the Year and I was runner-up in the mono prints in my category, so I was delighted to come home with 2 trophies. A good night was had by all including Mum.

My extra is when I was organising the walkers for a group photo. It reminds me of the new BBC1 fillers of different groups............

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