Mr. HCB is usually the “early bird” in our house and I must confess after getting up at the crack of dawn yesterday, I went to bed very early and got up at the sensible time this morning of 7.30 a.m.  The first thing I do is to draw back the curtains and watch the birds and this morning I was concerned to see that the fatballs, used consistently by the Great Tits yesterday, had all gone.  Knowing that Mr. and Mrs. Great Tit have babies to feed, I quickly donned my pink robe and slippers and went out to refill the feeders.

As I walked along the path near the Great Tit’s residence, I could hear the babies chirping - obviously it was breakfast time - so I quickly walked by and put a new feeder up, loaded with fat balls and even as I type, either Mum or Dad Great Tit is constantly back and forth to the nest box.   

I filled several other feeders and by this time realised that my feet were very wet - well it did snow/hail/rain yesterday afternoon and evening, so the grass was very damp.  However, closer inspection showed that my pink slippers have holes in them!!! On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being “devastating”, these holes are completely off the scale.  Guess I need to start looking for some new pink foot attire!

Anyway, enough of my drama for today - here is a wide angle shot of the garden showing the various feeders and also the lanterns that had gone rusty, but that I have now “tarted up” with different colour paints, and you can also see the beautiful clematis, flowering profusely, so it is all looking good and even better for the sprinkling of rain yesterday.  It is still very cold though and my toes are just about thawing out.  

I wonder if I need to find a hot water bottle to strap around the nesting box for Mr. & Mrs. Great Tit?  Will give that some consideration when Mr. HCB takes me out for coffee very soon.

“Feeding birds means feeding yourself! 
     Birds are part of nature 
          and feeding nature is nothing 
               but feeding yourself!” 
Mehmet Murat ildan

P.S.  I hope this turns out all right, because I was told the original file was too large and I had to resize it!  Hope this isn't going to be "one of those days"!

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