Milestone 730

Since someone else had already 'stolen' the Arabic numbers, I was left with the Roman ones. However, my pleasure at reaching the milestone of 730 (not yet quite two years because of the leap year...) was undermined by the fact that as I was putting my memory card back in the camera, I got a 'lens error' message which seems rather common in s100s. But anyway, it would be churlish of me not to woman up and do the usual and the proper - to thank commentators and visitors, as well as those who constructed this wonderful site - and to express the hope that I'll be able to keep going even though the blip mojo has been suffering in what has been a period of pretty excessive pressure through work (and pressure of work).

So to that end, here's a link to a meme made specially for me by someone whom I work with. It nicely highlights how I feel.

By the way, thanks in advance for all the comments that will come. I will be round to thank you individually in the days to come - unless someone leaves a comment I particularly need to reply to.

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