It's been a relatively quite day. I didn't have the energy to go to church this morning; just to the youth group outing to the beach straight afterwards. I took two of the extra photos whilst we were there (I couldn't take any photos of the teens because of the laws in regards to posting photos of minors). The third photo I took is of one of the old fashioned trams. I took it at roughly the same time as the selfie. There's quite a few of these on the tracks around the city, running on the tram lines and between the normal tram schedules.

I had to pop into Primark on route home to get some leggings and socks. I then headed to the bus stop to get on the bus that runs by my home, when I took this photo. I then got some dinner from the supermarket and headed home. I'm pretty tired and am ready for bed, but want to talk to Andy before I hit the sack.

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