Red Breasted Merganser

Hubby wanted to go down and check out the marina to see if any salmon were being caught so I walked over to the area where a river enters the bay. I saw a pair of Canada Geese, a bald eagle being bombarded by some seagulls and this single female red breasted merganser. I don't think I have ever photographed one before; I usually see the common and hooded mergansers. I loved her bright red eye! I don't know why they are named red breasted because they do not have a red breast....oh well, they are really pretty anyway. 
We took a wonderful difficult hike up the mountain behind our beach house.....the views were amazing but I decided it was too steep for me to take my camera. It felt good to have taken the more difficult route up the hill today, but I probably won't be doing that hike every day.  :-))
Today was a pleasant sunny day at the beach, but VERY windy later in the day. We were glad we took our hike earlier in the day.
Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend too.

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