One of the things I love about The Hague Den Haag is the vibrant colours. I took this photo on route to the office after buying my normal latte from August Coffee and lunch. The extra photo is Tram 1 that runs between Delft and Scheveningen.

I'm downloading a lot of the Sunday School material for the next few weeks. Thankfully things are going a lot faster because we're no longer using the NAS but Google Drive so uploading the files from my computer to Google Drive is going faster than uploading files to the NAS. I'm pretty pleased about that.

Its quiet in the office and I'm kinda glad, because I've got a lot on my mind at the moment... and I'm really tired, exhausted, actually. I'm looking forwards to being able to sleep tomorrow.

The second extra I took after I'd experimented with some new makeup that I'm planing to wear next week.

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