We All Love a Lighthouse

Don't we? This is Trevose Head lighthouse looking from from Dinas Head (the Cornish one not the Welsh one) with the delightfully named Stinking Cove in the foreground.

It's been a gorgeous day and I left home at about 10 this morning and made good time to Padstow with lovely clear roads even through the road improvements at Bodmin. I got myself pitched on the campsite and then took a walk into Padstow to stretch my legs, have a look around and get some lunch. I got a pasty and hid in the shelter of one of the harbour buildings so the gulls couldn't get me. It worked very well too. It's about a mile, maybe a little more, across the fields into town and when I got back I made a cup of tea and considered a plan.

With it being such a beautiful afternoon and the possibility that the next couple of days may not be quite so good, I thought I'd go to Trevose Head. The other option was Bedruthan Steps but with high tide on the way I thought I'd leave that until tomorrow. Trevose Head is looked after by the National Trust and the cliffs look gorgeous with Thrift and Sea Vetch (I'm guessing) in bloom. I've added an extra of the cliff edge so you can see how it looks.

On the way back I thought I'd stop at Padstow and get Fish and Chips from Mr Stein's emporium. The piece of haddock didn't quite fit into the box they served it in but with only a couple of centimetres protruding I thought I'd be alright. I'd nearly got to the van when 'Whoosh' one of those raiding gulls swept down and took the end of the fish. It does make you start! Anyway, I was pleased it didn't get very much, especially at those prices! I could have got two fish suppers anywhere else. It was good though!

I rckon this should go in for Wideangle Wednesday hosted by Bob'sBlips. I haven't sorted out the link but Bob's on holiday so he won't notice :)

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