Down the Steps ...

... and up again. Contrary to to forecast, it was a nice morning when I woke up. The forecast said the rain would clear by 10 but as it turned out that was when it started!  I planned to go to Bedruthan Steps today but I'd also been tempted by a tin mining engine house at St Agnes. I thought the overcast conditions might suit that better and I'd get to Bedruthan Steps as the day improved.
Towanroath engine house at Wheal Coates is quite an impressive building. it stands on the cliff top and still has it's chimney stack. I've added a shot as an extra.
As i arrived at Bedruthan Steps the sun came out. I've no idea why I've never been here before, I've stayed in this area on many occasions but never even considered a visit before now. The cliff tops are looking splendid with all the wild flowers out. It is a long way down on large uneven steps but the handrails are good and solid. It seemed a bit 'Other Worldly' to me down on the beach with rock formations towering over me. 

Thanks very much for all the comments, stars, and hearts on yesterday's lighthouse blip. It confirms what I believed, that we all love a lighthouse. I'm trying to keep up with comments and stuff but it is a bit of a struggle with internet.

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