Well I'm pleased that you liked yesterdays photo ............a tripyth of Sarah. Today its a diptych of something I saw in our local Museum. To be honest I liked the explanation of the piece (on the right hand side) more than the actual carving in stone on the left. Funny how things turn out !!!! with me anyway. So the stone piece is from the late 13th Century and is made by making up the name of a holy place near here called CAMBUSKENNETH............at least there is an abbey there. It comprises the letters in Roman script (which didn't use J, U or W) of the name Cambuskenneth and the piece on the right explains where the letters are placed all in one piece. This is thought to be the work of an apprentice who would have trained with a master and in return for his work he would have been clothed and fed and given shelter but more importantly he would have been able to work anywhere, having been trained in his craft. He was called a journeyman. You may all know this but I didn't until now. This is one of the benefits of blip. Thats part of today's story. soon we will go to see the film called Lady Macbeth and if you are good I will give you a full review.......................your own interpretation of good is fine.

I'm not giving you the full review of the film not because you haven't been good but because I'm too tired and just watched the Micheal Mosely programme on sleep.  
The film is excellent but those of an even slightly delicate nature should not go to see it. I'm not exactly traumatised but it was pretty horrific ..........and all because the lady wants Milk Tray. Those of you who see it will know what I'm getting at.
extra shots for Walking woman to look at and give me an opinion

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