Last night we did have a good wee celebration but I did start today feeling a bit furry. I managed a short run and I think that set me up for the day.

I popped in to the Men's Shed this morning and that gave me the opportunity to sneak in the back door of the old house. I didn't venture far, it's so dilapidated that would be unwise.

Back on the home front I took all the stuff off the high shelves in the garage, lined the shelves with industrial strength non-slip mat, and put everything back. I measured up how much I'll need to line the shelves I'm waiting to arrive, and added some more hooks to hang a few other things.

The big win in the garage was hanging a couple of milk bottle tops so I know how far to drive into the garage. I have 2 because there is one for when I'm sans bike and rack, and the other for when I have them on the tow bar.

Happily I managed on my own and there are no ACC claims (Accident Compensation Corporation) claims as a result. No more jumping in and out of the car to check if I'm far enough in to close the door, or too car forward so I can't walk around the front and access the door to the bins and clothesline.

Sweet :-)

I still need to line the shelves in the pantry with non-slip stuff. I measured what I needed and headed to my new local Mitre10 (hardware) store. It's fairly pricey stuff but so is having the entire contents of your pantry smashed on the floor post-quake. It won't keep everything upright but it should make some difference. I'll probably rethink where some things live when I line the shelves.

And that filled up Saturday.

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