Straightforward day at the office. Warm and sunny outside, which was a shame since I was pretty much stuck indoors all day. But hey ho.
Phone call from T to say P's been taken to hospital with some sort of jaw infection.... not easy to choreograph help from here and T's car still in garage, but he managed to get Mt to go to the hospital to see P and collect a key to get him clothes from home etc. Bizarrely, when Mt arrived at the hospital they seemed to have lost P....! He wasn't in A&E but hadn't yet arrived on the ward. Mt waited 2 hours, constantly asking and checking with staff but no sign-think he may be in theatre but they don't know. What on earth???!!!!

On the way home took a bit of a desperation photo of the old Art Deco cinema that is supposed to be being restored, but no sign of progress. What a shame...really hope it does reopen

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