By HellsBells

Barcelona - Christopher Columbus Statue

Finally we arrived in Barcelona after 3 days at sea. Sunny warm and welcoming. We ambled up Las Ramblas and found ourselves in the Mercat full of ladened stalls with fresh fruit, fish, meat, vegetables, nuts and spices.  We tasted the produce and strolled back to the ship. I've decided I'll come back again and do more Barcelona exploration soon.
Meanwhile back on the ship a dear old lady popped her clogs whilst dozing on the sun lounger! We missed the drama although apparently she just slipped away in her sleep, what a way to go! All the necessary official paraphernalia was dealt with swiftly although it did mean we left port later. The lady had been traveling with her son and I guess with the number of passengers (3600 ish) and the fact that a large proportion are over 85, I guess it could be deemed as 'normal'  for someone to die! Apparently they have 4 spaces in the medical centre for bodies! You can imagine the dinner conversations that evening along with rumours and stories of other folks medical dramas and demises!

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