By rower2012

View from Arctic Centre Museum, Rovaniemi

I took this photo today from the atrium inside the Arktikum Museum - the Arctic Centre and The Provincial Museum of Lapland. This Science Museum is in the city of Rovanieni in northern Finland.

The exhibitions at this museum examine culture, history, and modern life in the Arctic. It explores concepts such as human life in tune with nature.

I have heard that the museum is the 4th most visited travel attraction in Finland. The Arktikum is located on the bank of River Ounasjoki and my view is towards this river.

"Arctic in Change" is a wonderful display which presents the conditions, nature, cultures and adaptation to extreme circumstances that occur in the far north, as well as showcasing multidisciplinary Arctic research in an interactive way that appeals to the general public.

The exhibition highlights the developments, such as climate change and the status of indigenous peoples in an evolving world.

The top attractions for me was in the northern lights theatre, where visitors can lie back and enjoy a 3D animation of the Aurora Borealis projected onto the ceiling. I also needed this rest after a number of hours spent on my feet!

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