Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Dragon Hunting

When Hubs and I talked to Mom and Dad this morning, I had planned to go out hunting for dragonflies to photograph today.  Well, one thing led to another and before you know it, I was out of time for dragon-hunting.  However, Monsieur Bleu had no such constraints and showed up outside the nest box with this very large dragon.  I would have loved to see how he managed to feed it to his nestlings since they are still very small, but I guess it all worked out.  Well, not for the dragon, of course.  

And if I was really good, I'd be able to tell you what kind of dragon this was...turns out I'm not that good.  

Four other photos starting HERE with the most amazing fly - followed by two more bluebird pics and a small sweat bee facing off against an even smaller spider mite.  It was a surprisingly good photo day.

MIL is here now and Hubs is cooking dinner.  We'll enjoy a nice visit before taking her back to the home.  She's a bit more confused today, but that's the nature of the disease... good days and not-so-good days.

Tomorrow we honor the men and women who've given their lives in defense of our country.  Somehow, the day has become all about barbecues and the kick-off of summer, but I think it's appropriate to remember what the day is really about.

Be well, Blippers.

PS:  And in Wren news... the second nest how has six tiny brown eggs.  Mama wasn't on the nest when I checked it, so I'm guessing there is still one more egg to be laid.  Good grief.  If they all hatch, we'll have 13-14 hungry little wren babies in a few weeks.  Pity the insects.

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