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By Syetuttle

Didsbury, We Love You

We went for the unusual today. Unusual in the sense that we went out instead of the usual staying in with my In-Laws for Sunday late lunch. Not being unkind of course as I couldn't wish for nicer In-Laws, but we wanted to visit the Disbury's Maker's Market. Which was positively unusual. We met up with Terraldinho & Yesska (pictured with Sir Bruno) and hit the stalls. With so many to choose from, we had to take a break in the Metropolitan (mainly pizza and drink) before recapturing the magic market atmosphere. I took a conservative 25 pics and still had trouble picking one for the blip. We also had trouble choosing the best flavoured Mayo at the Mayo Poll Station. One was the Jeremayo, the other Theresa Mayo. Fantastically fun idea, see extras. Jeremayo won a landslide victory, apparently. But it turned out that both mayos were exactly the same! Not too dissimilar to real mayo life politicians left right and centre: exactly the same old shit, different day.
Other foods included a Creme (egg) Scotch Egg, a Slutty Slice, Multicoloured Popcorn and a Mango Cider. We spent no-so-conservatively, but it was nice. And there was a band too, raising cash for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack last week.
Another coffee at T & Y's with our slutty slices cakes then we headed home, tired.
Must visit Didsbury again.

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