It's been another one of those long days. I'm exhausted and relieved that I took this photo this morning. These flowers are standing in the office, and I thought, "I doubt I'll have the energy to go outside to look for any other flowers, so I'll take this, just in case that happens." It's a good thing I did as I haven't been out of the house (which, in this case, the garden is included, since we had a BBQ for dinner and had guests round). I'm about to head to bed now and I'm glad I've been running with the two currently yearly themes… this one and the selfie I take every year on July 16.

The reason I had to go to the office was because I had my last Trailblazers today. Trailblazers is the oldest Sunday School group for the 9-11 year olds in the church congregation.

Anyway, tomorrow is a public holiday and thus I'm not working. So happy about having another day off to get the rest my body and my mind are both craving right now.

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