Gitama's World

By Gitama

Dad and Grandad

Sitting in the Hospital with Dad today he told me that he had been spending time with his Dad and how much he loved him....he has been enjoying his little he calls them. ........little wonder with all the drugs they are giving him....some of them turn men into zombies I reckon.
He is also dreaming of winning the lottery...not that he buys a ticket mind.

I immediately thought of this photo and had to search it out when I got home...not a great copy...but I do reckon those two look like a pair of groovers for sure.

I bought him some head phones....ones that he can wear without hurting his head..he can listen to his music now....his spirits are a little chirpier and he is starting to eat a bit now....still I can see the skeleton underneath the almost translucent skin..
We talk about death and dying and he seems to be in a good place with it all and at peace with  this last part of his journey.

I am still pretty sick but I wouldn't miss my time with him for quids.

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