Water Bottle

I'm trying to ensure I drink enough water these days, but even though I have water with me, I forget to drink it. Alarms and reminders don't normally work, as I'll just turn it off and not drink. I got this water bottle a few months back as the lid is easy to remove and has a small opening (see extra photo). This makes it easier to drink from, especially traveling. I've lent my glow-in-the-dark water bottle to Andy, my boyfriend, and my black Nalgene water bottle is a nightmare to clean due to the size of the opening. I'm planning to throw it into the dishwasher this week.

I've got less than six days to go until I'm in England with Andy and I'm really looking forwards to spending some time with him. For this trip I'm flying with British Airways, as I really didn't want to go by bus and British Airways is cheaper than easyJet if you're flying with luggage.

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