Another look

S and I have had a quick trip to Wellington, flying down yesterday afternoon for my official farewell from the Council. (see the extra in yesterday's backblip). I nearly didn't get up for a morning run today. I was glad that I had another look out the hotel window and decided to go.The morning sky became increasingly colourful, and towards the end of my shortish run, I took the photo I have put up as an extra; taken after a number of "just another looks". 

As I was running along the waterfront promenade, I saw this sculpture by Paul Dibble. I knew that I had blipped it once before. However, I thought it was worth me having another look. The whole appearance and effect of the sculpture was quite different from four years ago. Then it was late afternoon and the sun was shining directly onto the front of the sculpture. This morning the sun had still not risen when I took this and the sculpture had a very different look with the orange light coming from behind.

Fruits of the garden by Paul Dibble (2002)

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