street photography?

Well, there's a street in it, and it's a photograph. I took it in town yesterday, from inside a pop up gallery with photos from the local club. I was thinking of many a blipper whose work I admire as I used my eyes in a new way!

Collected the tomato red car this morning, drove home via the garage for Keith to pick up his latest plaything, a power screwdriver. We had one before but it is a dead thing now. We'll have a lot of fun with it I'm sure, first off a new roof on our guest accommodation.

Then the day was all about digging, clearing and - finally - hooray, a spot of planting. Several sunflowers, a bunch of strawberries, some little jobs I've forgot the name of... and the glorious-to-be nasturtiums. At present they look healthy but modest.

I have been bitten half to pieces, but that was when mowing half of the ridiculously dimensioned (large) lawn. The bugs flew up to dine on my flesh. Usually Keith is the mower, but since he was up on the roof doing other things I walked the walk, and didn't just talk the talk.

Have been feeling upset for the families affected by the fire in the tower block in London. What a horrible thing to happen to anyone, and this has happened to a place with well over 100 homes, and between 200 and 400 people. There is talk of issues with health and safety, that much maligned and dreadfully neglected area of life. 

We humans seem to learn so slowly that some of the things that sounds boring and picky are in fact the same things that save us from other horrors... I did that sort of unwelcome stuff for 14 years, sometimes a thankless task but one I took a certain amount of pleasure in. I'm used to predicting possible problems, and seeing consequences - and doing something to avoid them before they happen. (that last bit being the responsibility of the management, the ones with the clout) I like dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s it seems, or at least one part of me does!

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