We had a very busy morning getting ready to welcome C, A, I and B to lunch. Mr A was preparing food, and I walked down to the Shore to buy some bread. I was slightly discombobulated by the fact that Relish Deli has moved a few doors along the way and doesn't have a sign up. It took me a while to locate it. Afterwards, I went along to the supermarket.

Anyway, it was great to sit around at lunch and after lunch with C and A, because the kids played with lego and then watched films, leaving us largely in peace. Plenty to catch up on.

We haven't done much for the rest of the day, although we were so busy in the morning I managed to do all my steps by lunchtime. It's been very warm today, and one thing that was really good was having all three balcony doors open for most of the day, and enjoying the experience of having the dining room table right by the doors. It felt practically like being on a patio.

Time for a snooze.

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