Summer Heat

I'm enjoying the fact that summer is officially here. I did some errands after church, when I took this photo, and heading home to finish my packing for tomorrow. There were a whole load of police cars parked here moments before I took this photo. I wasn't sure they wanted me taking to this photo so I wanted until this riot van was pulling away when I snapped it.

As I write this I sense that every chance of sleeping has gone. I'm too nervous. The traveling, not so much, but meeting Andy's family is another story. I know it's gonna be good but I'm still super nervous about it and the harder I try not to think about it, the more I do. Oh well. If I don't get a lot of sleep then I'll have to deal with it.

I'm really looking forwards to seeing Andy again. It's been about four and a half weeks since we were last together. It feels like years.

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