A spread

Guests from the south arriving for a few days, and we begin with dinner together. I have no idea what anyone likes or doesn't like. So the table is full of many dishes of separate things, and each person combines their own plateful. 

It worked nicely, and just happens to be my favourite kind of food. I like the choosing and the combining. And all the little bowls. As I write this I realise it is yet another kind of play! Putting it all together, arranging it, and then eating it. The red thread running through my days it seems.

The plates are from the UK, but found in the Red Cross shop here, please note that we use tenners as serviettes in this house!

All the seedlings are in the ground! The rain has wooshed down, and in between heavy showers we have had sunshine and loveliness. Tomorrow and the next day it will be dry and sunny and I know where to find my husband. Well above ground level!

The guests are now in their own little house, the boys were happy to hear there was wifi down there, we've only had one physical injury, a bashed cheek, and even the cat seems to be happy to be here in the .... quiet. No roads, no noise, no people, just.... quiet. And a lake to swim in.

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