The content of this blip is extremely distressing :(
This afternoon I received an email from Oddie's school advising that all children in her year were shown a video about knife crime.
I watched the video and was completely stunned. 
Later, another parent told me that one child fainted and 20 others left the room.
Here is a link to the video but I urge caution it is very upsetting. It ends by suggesting that we can all learn something from it. I've written to the school for an explanation on what the expected learning outcomes were. 
For me the only lesson in this senseless attack was telling kids to be afraid. Had they shown how violence can escalate then fair enough. But this was out of the blue, akin to the London terrorist attack and the murder of Jo Cox. What can we learn from that? We can't, it's as simple as that. :(

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