You've been framed!

It was very windy today, bright and sunny but blustery. I decided a day at Betty's trying to get my head round resists and ink would be good. So, after a nice slow yoga-powered start to the day that's what I did. (first I took an on-line version of the Myers-Briggs personality test, I turned out to be ENFJ, the Protagonist. One of the 2% with that profile, which could explain a lot!!!) 

Keith was doing roof duty as usual and I only saw him for a coffee break till nearly 8 o'clock in the evening. I had an interesting time working, mostly painting the usual "playing my scales" sort of exercise with the Rowans in various guises. 

The very dark picture from a few days ago was reworked and our visitor R liked it so much it's going home with him. Nice to have an appreciative person to take problem paintings off my hands. I was still not sure about it.... but I stamped it with my special sign and waved it off to the south.

Today I worked more boldly with the alun resist -  in for a penny, in for a pound being the philosophy. I kept forgetting where I'd put the resist on the paper, and in the end I gave up and just painted. This is the back of one of the experiments and I think it works quite well. A bit more dramatic and punchy than the first lot.

Our guests were off early to the coast and spent the day wearing themselves out climbing, walking, caving and generally dashing about in the sunshine. It is really nice having humans living in the red house, we popped in to say hi this evening whic feels a bit special.

The youngest child (4 - and a half!) came up to see me in my workroom, all by himself and at his own initiative. The long swing hanging off the birch tree has gone down well too. It's mine, but I'm a good sharer. So this won't be the last time they stay with us, hopefully.

This evening another good - and distant - friend rang and is probably coming to stay over the weekend, there are two parties planned in the next week, and two get togethers - so our summer-time social life is picking up and we are hermits no more! The roof might never be finished.

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