M and J have their Dinner

Not many kids will get a homemade Quesadilla for their dinner/tea...........well I wouldn't think so but if I did a straw pole I wonder what the percentage would be. Extra shot of the said Quesadilla. Quite fancied myself but as they were gobbling it up I didn't expect a taste although normally they are good at sharing.

Today went to check out a few things at the new house and AFSIL came with us. I also wanted to put a spade in the garden to see what the soil was like....................apparently they had put down some free topsoil.......I think it might have potential. The weather was horrible but I did a few digs.

Otherwise lunch at Wagamama (which was excellent especially the kim chi)

then shopping...................I was really tired but I did buy a waterproof coat. Then off to catch up with these guys and their mama and papa......very cute and funny. They had a bath and M wanted lots of cuddles while she had her hair drying by daddy. I was the lucky recipient.

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