Abstract ......

 ....... Thursday105  (AT105) - Transport.

I was going to say fortuitous - but actually a nightmare!!
I only saw there was this theme just now (08.30 Friday) but had already taken my photo yesterday afternoon ready to upload early (a day late but early today!) .......... 

I set off on my "mission" at just after midnight Wednesday in the hammering rain and cold - got 30 miles from home and a warning light came on in the car "Check Tyre Pressures" ....... managed to limp, very slowly, to the nearest RAF base to find the back offside tyre was flat.
Called Himself - by now it's 1.00am - he came out, I left the car, took Himself back home and continued my trip to Gatwick Airport (160mls/255kms) in his Audi TT Quattro (nice, eh?) which I have never driven before - my flight was at 06.40 and, luckily, there were no hold-ups or road works (construction) and I made it with an hour and a half to spare. Phew!!

Got back home, post-mission, at 7.45pm Wednesday night.  
Thursday morning we went to rescue my car - after re-inflating the tyre I could hear hissing and felt a piece of metal embedded in the rubber - so the spacesaver tyre had to be used.  Drove to our local independant tyre company, off came the tyre - the inside wall was completely shredded - so a new tyre required - none my size in stock so it's back on Friday late morning with my credit card - ouch!  
Large tyre, low profile, Pirelli, means a bigger ouch than a "regular" tyre would have been.  Ah well, what price on safety!!

Sooooooo the photo you get, that I PicMonkeyed about with a little, is the spacesaver tyre, on the car, on the drive, at home.

Let's hope the weekend is less eventful and much cheaper   :o))

~ Anni ~

Oh and I think Ingeborg is our lovely host - thank you.

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