Leo is not the only thing shooting up tall. We discovered that some bamboo has sneakily found its way under the neighbour's fence and is sprouting up. It has also made me realise that the fence could do with a bit of treatment. That'll be a job for the summer.

Leo came home very pleased with himself as he came 3rd in his skipping race. Overall the school came 4th in the tournament so I think they were all rather happy with the scores they managed across all the events.

Have captured some ongoing work at St James Park in the extra. The away end is no more - totally flattened. Not that it was much of an Away End really - think it was voted the worst in League 2!

Next, the Family Stand has to be demolished and rebuilt - that is going to take a while so we are shifting in to the other stand for next season. It is that rather rickety stand you can see in the background - and is the original stand from 1926. I have a feeling the atmosphere and language will be somewhat fruitier over there - may have to get Leo some earplugs!

It is going to take until October 2018 to finish all the work so I should be able to get some more blips in along the way.

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