"Went to a garden party..."

Yesterday, for it is now Sunday morning, was Kerstin's 50th birthday party in a big white tent in the garden. Her actual birthday was in February, but it's not as easy to have an outdoor party then, so she waited and chose one of the warmest, sunniest, summeriest days so far this year.

It was really good to meet people I've known for over 30 years, and new friends too - one lady had been my student ages ago, some were Kerstin's neighbours, colleagues, extra family. It was a lovely evening that went on till midnight in our case, but showed no signs of stopping there.Great food and drink and a very relaxed atmosphere filled with presents that suited the lady of the our very well. (a trailer for her electric bike, a sun lounger for the garden, wine, chocolate, fine biscuits etc etc) With so much LOVE for Kerstin!

This was part of the table decorations and was the best of the pictures I took in the half light of the tent, or the blazing sun that blasted in at about 10 o'clock when it had edged round the house. These white nights are marvellous. Even if they play havoc with the light metre.

We drove home, wound down and got to bed before 2. Still light of course. The day also included filling ceiling cracks left by leaking rooves, putty-ing a window frame, reading up on the political situation, and admiring Keith's new roof which now has one or two pieces of the final layer of plate on it.

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