Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Happy Birthday to the USA

Someone was in the big field across the road last night shooting fireworks which sounded like they were right in our front yard by the porch.  So I walked outside and watched for a minute, then decided to see if I could get a few photos without going out in the driveway (I already had my jammies on! which really never stops me if I want to go outside!)  But I did not want to so I just stood on the porch with the camera and the 300mm lens shooting through the trees.   The people were only shooting off one bottle rocket at a time (apparently they wanted to make their supply last or they had no clue how to make a line of rockets to shoot.   Anyway, no clear sharp shots as none got about the trees I was shooting through but they did make some nice red abstracts!  

Hope everyone has enjoyed the day, food, family and fireworks tonight!   The heat and humidity outside is unbearable here as the heat index says it is 100 instead of 93.  I hope to go to see the real fireworks tonight at our little town festival but unless it rains and lowers the temperature, I will be staying right here in the house.

These were six different shots and I made the collage in PicMonkey but when I looked close there is a something in the left two photos.  I always see faces in fireworks but this one is a little strange as it is two completely different photos but the face is across both of them.  Can you see it!?

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