New phone

This is going to be interesting. I am trying out an old phone of Jons. It has taken since 7.30 to set it up (Jon did it, not me!) One of the essential apps to be downloaded was obviously Blipfoto. But remembering the passwords to so many of the things that I use as second nature (Facebook, 3 email addresses, blip,LinkedIn etc) has been impossible. Even when they were written down they were wrong. I thought my old phone just knew me, so I didn't need to remember them.

Work has been me trying to clear as much work as possible before I move teams. So from 351 yesterday I'm down to 338 tonight.

At lunchtime the lovely James took me for a posh tea and cake. Valerie Patisserie, a real treat. We had a lovely chat as we worked our way through the giant pastries. I feel very touched at his kindness... Or did he just want to be my blip again today!? Anyway Sarah, he had promised you will be next ;)

Home for 5.30 then straight out to the pool where I swam 40 lengths which is a whole kilometer! Jon and the kids went in the gym, then home for dinner...and the phone. Well so far, so good. BUT I can't get my contacts to transfer over. That means I won't be contacting you! And if you text please put your name on it, until ive had time to add you all again.

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