The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

The end of my PhD?

... not quite but it was close!

I spent this morning fighting with our IT services with a request put in to get more storage for my PhD data. As you can see form my blip, I have folders on my desktop where my data was stored this morning as I had no space on my university drive.

However, somewhere in-between me requesting the new space, my supervisor requesting my new space and IT doing something about it, they processed the wrong details and gave me the wrong information (the orange line is the source of the new file but they had made a spelling mistake and missed out some stuff in the name!). You see, they thought my project was not a PhD and they thought I had a principal investigator and I worked for them. It turns out that IT also confused my two accounts and they decided to activate the account that I do not use, and forgot about the one I made the initial request from. Nothing is ever so easy!

So as of 6pm today, I have no additional storage and I have spent the day trying to make sure I do not lose all of my PhD work.

In other news, I managed to work on a journal article today for the rest of the day not taken up by IT issues. It's taking a lot longer to write as I need a lot of additional articles to help me write and a lot more information to find. I'm planning on working all weekend whist C is away so that I can get a good chunk of the writing done.

We shall see how it goes tomorrow and Sunday... and see how far I get by 5pm Friday next week (after a visit home in the middle)... :-/

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