The Final Days

Time is passing and I'm getting closer to leaving. The suitcases were opened this morning and I'm still sorting stuff out. I dropped a suitcase at the office to send with the coach that's going to a conference in England at the end of August. And one of my friends is taking a duffle bag with him to a youth conference in a few weeks. We then watched Spiderman Homecoming. It was great!

I had to come home by tram and bus because the bus wasn't running from Den Haag Centraal Station. So I took the tram to Rijswijk and the caught the bus. That's when I took this photo. I wanted to take it earlier but there was a lady with a kid and I didn't want the lady to think I was photographing her kid.

The extras describe my day, of sorts. I went to August Coffee to get a coffee (again thanks to my full loyalty card) to journal… thus photos one and two. Photos three and four I took on the tram when I was on route home. Photo five is the empty bus. I was the last person on the bus for the last two stops before I got off and wanted to document it, just for the sake of it.

Today marks the two year anniversary of my move to the Netherlands. Can't quite believe that I've been here so long. I'm so grateful for the last two years. God has done so much in my life since I moved here and I'm glad I followed God's leading to move here.

Got 3 days to go until I leave! I've gone into the final phase of this season of my life! Looking forwards to the next adventure!!

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