Hay Bales

I left the house this morning at 8.20am and walked back through the door at 6pm. I'm knackered!
I was very late up, not managing to drag myself out of bed until half seven. A "Get Up!!" text from the lovely Beauty finally got me up! She may have no sofa to sit on but she's not letting it get her down!
After dropping Miss E off at school I went straight to Mrs C's house. It was quite weird getting there at 9.15am after years of meeting after 10.30am - which was about the earliest we could manage!!
Mrs K came round too so it was all the number two kids (plus a number three, and another number three due any day now!!) which was lovely. They can get a bit overshadowed by their older brothers and sisters and it was like turning the clock to see just them running around the place!
From there I took Miss L swimming which was a bit fraught. She fell asleep on the way but only for about twenty minutes which, for her, is worse than no sleep at all. She spent the first ten minutes of the lesson crying and clinging to me. But thankfully she perked up and enjoyed it eventually.
She drove me barmy on the way home! We had to stop because her trousers were digging into her back and hurting her, then again because she needed the potty, then again because she said she needed the potty again..... She didn't. Aaaghhhhhh!!!!
I was very cross and impatient to get home but on the plus side the view from the layby was gorgeous!
Miss E had another great karate lesson. She spent most of the evening demonstrating the bow and greeting she learnt. So sweet!

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