slightly cheating

Yesterday's view from the top of the ravine at Skule. The pink Rapakivi granite is very special, it's only found in a few places, here in this area and on the Finish coast opposite being two of them.

I mowed the lawn today, which is a long and sweaty job, and I forgot to take any photos at all. Remembered as I was coming in for a refreshing shower...

So, I took two of the lovely pots of flowers I sorted out yesterday, around the front door. Both are out of focus for no reason I can understand.

I am allowing myself to be too tired to be bothered grabbing the camera and trying again in the gathering gloom. So this is the view from the lunch spot on the high coast. What a fabulous place!

The lovely Keith is, of course, still on the roof. It can be quite a lonely life down here at ground level. Dinner will be happening soon I hope, but I think I will have to intervene - or we'll be sitting down to eat at midnight!!

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