The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Something sweet

I woke up this morning after a restless night. My dodgy stomach did not settle until early morning, and even then I did not feel great. I managed some cereal and a cup of tea, and literally dragged my sorry self to the office. I felt nauseous and a bit fuzzy most of the morning but managed to carry out an interview before lunch time. My interview lasted about 30 minutes before the tables turning and I was then the one being 'interviewed'. I was questioned on my PhD, my previous experience, when my submission date was and what I was planning on doing after - very strange from an interested manager indeed.

The remainder of the day, before and after my interview, was taken up by copy editing my first official article for a very well established academic. Later in the day, I received very positive compliments on my work, with the phrase 'you have made excellent work' thrown in! ;-)

I have the final edits of the final version (authors response to my author queries in the editing process) to do tomorrow and then this can be resent to the author to check, finalise and be content.

I managed to last until 4.30pm before heading home. I've eaten more this evening- a decent portion of steak, veg, mushrooms and onions but I could not stomach anything too starchy just yet. I'm ending my day with a cup of tea, a yoghurt, feet up and again feeling sorry for my achey self.

I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow!

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