Civil Municipal Worker Challenge

The  USPS......  otherwise known as the United States Postal Service....

  I have been trying to catch up with my  Mail Lady for a week!  She works hard, zips in and out faster than you can catch her, she keeps spare change in her jeep in case you don't have enough postage on your letters.  When I travel, she holds my mail for me until I return, walking it to the door.  When it rains and I have a package, she will walk it to my door to protect it, or beep her horn to see if I am home.
   When I was unable to walk  or answer my front door, she came  to the door to deliver the mail, check on me, ask me if I needed anything, chat for a few moments.  My girls have gotten to where they don't bark at her, but rather whimper and cry in greeting when she drives in the yard.
    Cindy, the mail lady, works hard everyday, she, delivers packages during times of high stress such as holidays and seasonal sales, leaves stamps and change in the mailbox, smiles and laughs, cares about her customers, and goes the extra mile when it help/assist the people on her route.  
    She is an unseen, seldom thought about service provider that everyone counts on 6 of 7 days a week.  I don't know how often she is thanked for the services she provides, but for myself, I thank her every time I can catch  her, knowing how wonderful an employee she is and caring, as a person.
When I read the Blip Challenge my first thought was my  USPS municipal worker.

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