A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

In September the Sun Still Shines

I must walk past these beautiful little flowering plants everyday, but I have only recently noticed them. They are most likely weeds, but they are no less colourful or interesting. I like the contrast with the light & the pattern on the house in the background. I also like the little bug too. He makes a great supporting artist.

Fawlty Towers was also a contrast tonight. I started out my shift doing this & that, bits & bobs & generally thinking I would be waiting for the night. As the evening developed, I was needed more & more as a second pair of hands on the bar, & with a group of 20 or so 24-hour conferencer's (I was sad to discover this was not literal) pre-drinking & post-drinking before & after dinner, the night was to be long.

We didn't manage to leave until 3.30, but luckily I'd had my second & third wind by then (a cheeky G&T helping me along the way too). We shared some card tricks, listened to some d-bags talking driveling nonsense & took off once we'd closed down the bar.

11 1/2 hours later. Job done.

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