Collared Dove

Today's entry is a Collared Dove that I spotted when I was walking to the bus stop early this morning to go to work. The day was forecast to get hot so the plan was to get home as quickly as possible after finishing my shift.

That plan did not exactly work out as it should have though because I had a message on my voicemail while I was at work from the postal services' customer service, saying that they'd looked into my complaints about the missing parcels. 

The message firstly confirmed, as I already knew from the crematorium, that the parcel with Rosie's urn had been  sent back to them, and also that they were going to be reimbursed for the delivery cost. The parcel's tracking page later showed that someone from the crematorium had collected the parcel at the postal pick-up point where it had been left when the postman failed to deliver it to them.

According to the voicemail message, the customer service had also tracked down my second parcel and they'd sent me an email as proof for the post office that it was now with them to be collected, because the bar code on the note left in my letterbox by the postman still did not show where the parcel was on the tracking page. When I got home, I printed the email , went off out again to the post office where I was finally handed my parcel. As I'd suspected, it contained a present, which was lovely, that a dear friend had sent me for my birthday.

When I got home from the post office, the crematorium sent me a photo of the new dispatch document with a bar code for Rosie's urn and the parcel's tracking page is now showing that its on its way to my workplace, where it will hopefully arrive very soon.

Many thanks for all the comments and stars on my last two blips. I apologise for my own lack of comments.

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